Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is Zoe in her rock n roll gear at the show we went to on Saturday night. She was great! She has only been dancing for a term and was so confident and full of energy. She wasn't fazed by all the people or the competitive side of being judged. She was like an energiser bunny - every chance she got up and danced in the general dancing between the finals. It was neat to watch all the slightly older ones who were just fantastic with all their lifts and jumps etc- in a year or two that will be Zoe as well!

On Friday we had our mid winter Christmas party with some family and friends. It was great fun and the girls and Markus had a ball. It was so funny watching the little ones with Santa- none of them even noticed that dad wasnt there!! I still cant believe that Ella who is 5 still didnt pick Santa as dad! This is Zoe with Santa having a serious chat about being a good girl for mum- i hope it works!!

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