Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Kids are just amazing how quickly they pick things up. Simon and I started Rock N Roll classes earlier this year to make sure that at least one night a week - we did something fun together. It's so easy to get caught up in the busy ness of 4 girls and forget each other and spending quality time together. We loved the classes and Zoe who is 7 was fascinated when we showed her and wanted to try rock n roll too. Simon and i finished our classes last week so for the first time last night i got to stay and watch Zoe's class. Man she was great!!

Its so amazing that she has picked it up so fast and makes it look so easy- i certainly could ever be on dancing wuith the stars- it was fun but i found it hard to pick up all the moves very quickly!! Zoe was fab- she was preparing for a show this saturday- she has been beyond excited as they get to wear a proper dress and makeup!! and she is dancing with Jason who is 15!! He is a fabulous dancer so Zoe is very lucky to be dancing with him!! I was so proud of her - hopefully she will keep going and be as great as Jason in later years!!

So there will be lots of photos of rock n roll dancing posted after Sat night and at least one scrapbook page!!

This is a page of Zoe that i finished off this morning while Hollie was asleep. Man its going to be hard when she stops her morning sleep as that is my scrapbooking time when Zoe and Ella are at school and Lucy is at preschool!! I'll just have to make the most of it while i can!!

This is using Kaisercrafts Gypsy Sisters range - i just loved the colours- and the gorgeous as always Prima blooms.

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